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Recipe for Mango Ice Cream ; Mango Ice Cream recipe

 Recipe for Mango Ice Cream ; Mango Ice Cream recipe; How to make mango ice cream at home,

Mango Ice Cream recipe

Ingredients for Mango Ice Cream

Cream                                1 cup

Sugar                                  1/2 cup

Cornflour                            2 tbsp

Cold Milk                           1/4 cup

Milk                                     1/2 kg

Mangoes                              2 (500 gram)

How to make Mango Ice Cream

First of all. let us heat milk to begin making mango ice cream. Pour the cold milk in cornflour to dilute it. Stir the cornflour mix till there are no lumps remaining stir the milk set to boil, from time to times the milk comes to boil. We will put the cornflour mix in it until then let us cut the mangoes. 

Peel the mangoes and remove its pulp. The milk is boiling pour the cornflour mix in it. Stir the milk continuously with a spoon as you cook it for 5-6 minutes stir in such a way. So that the spoon touches the pan's base. This is dine to prevent milk from sticking to the base else the ice cream will get spoilt.

We have been cooking the corn flour in milk for 6 minutes and now the mix it cooked. Turn off the gas we need to cool this mix completely as it we need cool mix for making ice cream. Place the milk in a utensil  with water this helps in cooling quickly till them let us separate the mango pulp and turn it into a mix.

Now let us put the mangoes along with sugar in a mixer and grind it. We have prepared a fine paste of the mangoes and sugar, Add the cream and whip the ingredients. Pour the milk-cornflour mix(which has cooled completely in the mixer and whip along with the other ingredients) 

we had saved 2 mango piece which we out further into tiny pieces and now we will mix them in the whipped mixture mango mixture is prepared for the ice cream pour this mixture in an air tight container and freeze . Mix the mango piece in this, they  will seem really nice when having the ice cream mix properly then close the container keep it in the freezer to freeze the ice cream.

Ice cream will be frozen with in 4-8 hours and then we will take the ice cream out of the fridge and serve mango ice cream is frozen and ready. So let us serve the ice cream delicious mango ice cream is ready.

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