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Instant Milk powder modak ; mawa modak recipe

mawa modak recipe

 Ingredients for milk powder modak

Milk powder                   1 cup

Cream                               1/4 cup

Butter                               2 tbsp

Powdered sugar              1/3 cup (50-60 grams )

Green cardamom            5-6

Milk                                1/2 cup

How to make modak

First of all, we wiill make of milk powder with cream and butter. Heat the pan and make the flame low. Melt the butter on the pan and add cream to it mix it. Cook it by continuously mixing them flame should be low or medium. Now, cream is completely mixed with butter add milk to the mixture. Cook the new mixture by continuously mixing all the ingredients. Now cook the mixture at high flame. So that milk boils faster.

Milk is boiling. Now add milk powder to the mixture. Lower the flame mix the milk powder nicely cook and keep mixing it until it becomes a mawa. Flame should be low or medium. Make sure it doesn't get lumpy,so we have to keep mixing it properly. We have made the mawa tighter by continuously mixing it. Butter is coming out of the mawa, so our mawa is ready turn off the flame keep the mawa in another bowl.

So that it will cool faster . While the mawa is cooling peel off the cardamon and make a powder. We have crushed the cardamon to make the powder. Add the cardamon powder to the mawa and mix them mawa is a bit hot, Let it cool first mawa is cool now we can, touch it by hand. Now add boora to it and mix   them properly. The mixture is ready now to make modak. Now , we will make modak of proper sizes.

First, add small amount of powder sugar in the mould. Spread the powder sugar properly inside the moulder and shake off the extra powder sugar. Take a little mawa and bind it. Put it on 1 side of the mould. Similarly, put another piece of mawa on the other sides of the mould. Close the mould. 

Take extra mawa off the mould. Open the mould and take the modak out in this way. Now the modak is ready. We will prepare of the modak in the same way. Put same sugar powder inside the mould and shake off the extra sugar powder. Bind the mawa with hands prepare all the modaks in the same way.

We can shape our modak with our hands, if we don't have a mould. Make a base and keep it narrower on the top. Modak is ready. We will put them in a fridge. So that the modaks become hard. Modak is ready.

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