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Recipe for White Sauce Pasta

Recipe for White Sauce Pasta

Ingredients for white sauce pasta

Pasta                                            100 gram

Garlic(chopped)                           4

Onion (chopped)                          1/2

Yellow bell pepper(chopped)        1/3

Green bell pepper (chopped)         1/3

Red pepper (chopped)                   1/3

Carrot (chopped)                           1/4

Cheese (optional)

Black pepper                                  1/3

Oregano                                         1/3 tbsp

Mixed herbs                                  1/3 tbsp

Chilly flakes                                  1/2 tbsp

Cooking oil                                    1 tbsp

Butter                                             2 tbsp

All purpose flour(maida)               1.5 tbsp

Milk                                               250 to 300 ml

How to make white sauce pasta 

Turn on the flame, put a pan add approx 1.5 litre of water add pasta. Once water starts boiling add 1/3 tbsp salt and 1/2 tbsp oil stir it. Boil it for 12-14 minutes on low-medium flame. Once it has become soft, turn off the flame drain the water. You may wash it with plain water turn on the flame.

Heat a pan on medium flame. Once pan is heated, reduce the flame to low add butter. Let the butter melt add purpose flour  1.5 tbsp mix it well cook it for 2 minutes on low flame. Keep stirring add little milk, Stir it continuosly to avoid lumps add little milk at a time. 

Keep on stirring add remaining milk stir it. Cook it for 5-6 minutes on low flame, keep stirring add little salt ( 1/3 tbsp ) add little black pepper, chilli flakes mix it well. Sauce is ready, turn off the flame. Heat a pan on high flame and oil. Once the oil is heated reduce the flame to medium add chopped garlic and onion fry it for 1/2 minutes on medium flame stir it.

Add carrot and fry it for another 1/2 minutes stir it add all the peppers mix it ( Add salt remember we had already added salt white boiling pasta and in white souce mix it and cook it for a minute on medium flame ) Stir it add white sauce mix it well add chilli flakes, mixed herbs, oregano, black pepper mix it well.

( You may use this sauce as it is or you may add little water to reduce the thickness stir it add boiled pasta mix it and cook it for a minute on medium flame ) Keep stirring turn off the flame. Take it out in a serving bowl. Serve it hot. You may garnish it with cheese, black pepper and red chilli flakes. Ready to serve.

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