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Recipe for Aloo Tikki ; How to make Aloo Tikki

How to make Aloo Tikki

 Ingredients for Aloo Tikki 

Boiled potatoes                     8 to 9

Oil                                         3 to 4

Coriander leaves                    2 to 4 tbsp (chopped)

Green chilies                          2 (chopped)

Corn flour                               2 to 3 tbsp

Salt                                          1 tbsp

For serving

Whisked curd 

Green coriander chutney

Sweet tamarind chutney
Black salt

Besan sev

Roasted cumin powder

Red chilly powder

How to make Aloo Tikki

We have taken 8 to 9 boiled potatoes for making instant aloo tikki chaat. Let us peel the all the potatoes . Now grate the potatoes as we need smooth dough for making the tikki. Grate all the potatoes now let us mix spices to the grate potatoes. We have taken 2 finely chopped green chilly 1 tbsp salt,2 to 3 finely chopped green coriander and 3 tbsp corn flour. ( You can also use arrowroot or bread crumbs as well )

This helps reduces the moisture of potatoes and mix binds well and it gets crispiness. Mix every thing really well and prepare dough for preparing the tikki. Dough is ready. Grease your hand with some oil and knead the dough again. Let us start making the tikkis now.

Preheat a pan for roasting  the tikkis grease you hands with some oil and pinch some dough for making the tikki. You can keep the size big or small as desired. Roll into a round ball and then flatten it, giving it a shape of tikki. Let us keep some tikkis ready.

We are done with making the tikkis, let us roast them. For this, we have already heated the pan pour 3 to 4 tbsp of oil to it. We are shallow frying the tikki, but you can deep fry them as well. Spread the oil evenly on the pan and place the tikkis in pan to roast. Keep the flame medium- low and roast the tikki until it gets golden brown from beneath. Meanwhile let us prepare the remaining tikkis as well. Check the tikki.

The tikki has turned brown from beneath, flip the side and roast from the other side as well until brown. Bring these tikkis on one side and place more tikkis to roast. Pour same oil on the tikkis as well. Flip the sides on tikkis as they have turned golden brown in color. The tikkis have turnes golden brown from the other side as well, take them off from and place on a plate.

Now continue side as well until golden brown. Tikkis have turned golden brown from the other side as well take them off from flame. Turn off the flame. Let us now serve the tikkis for serving tikkis we have taken whisked curd. We placed the  curd in a sieve used to strain soup and excess water drained out from the curd to the bowl kept below.

With this we got thick curd and then added 1 tbsp sugar to it and mixed well. So, we have whisked curd. This sweet tamarind chutney. We also have spicy green coriander chutney. Also, we have taken roasted cumin powder, black salt and red chilly powder. So, take a plate for serving the aloo tikkis. Place two tikkis in a plate and pour some curd over it followed by sweet chutney and green coriander chutney.

Now sprinkle some roasted cumin powder black salt and some red chilly powder. Aloo tikki chaat is ready to serve. We can also sprinkle some fine besan sev over the tikkis.

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