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Schezwan Paneer Pakora ; stuffed Paneer pakora

 Ingredients for paneer pakora

Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese)         200gram

Gram flour                                         100 gram

Schezwan chutney                              2  tbsp

 Black pepper                                      1/4 tbsp

Turmeric powder                                 1/4 tbsp

Red chilly powder                                1/2 tbsp

Garam masala powder                         1/3 tbsp

Coriander leaves                                  1/3 cup

Salt to taste 

Cooking oil for frying

How to make Paneer Pakora 

In a bowl add turmeric powder, red chilly powder, garam masala powder salt to taste. Add black pepper ( you may use black pepper powder ) mix it. Add little water at a time to make thick batter add water again and mix it, add coriander leaves chopped and mix it again.

Batter is ready. Take the paneer, cut it in rectangle/ square shape. Apply 1/23 tbsp of schezwan chutney an 1 slice of paneer. Put the other slice on it. Keep it aside. Repeat the process for remaining paneer pieces. You may remove the extra chutney using spoon or knife stuffed paneer slice are ready to make pakora.

Turn on the flame and heat a pan add oil. Let the oil heat properly mix the batter once, drop few drops of batter into hot oil to check the temperature. Take it out from the oil. Reduce the flame to medium. Take the stuffed paneer and dip into the hot oil.

Repeat the process for remaining paneer fry it for few seconds then flip it. Fry it on medium flame till it turns golden brown from both sides. Keep flipping in between. Once the pakora turns golden brown take it out on the kitchen towl. 

Repeat the process to make remaining pakora stuffed paneer pakora is ready. Serve hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup. 

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