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Lapsi recipe; Recipe for Lapsi

Recipe for Lapsi

Ingredients for lapsi

Dalia ( Porridge/ oatmeal )             1 cup

Sugar                                               3 cup

Ghee                                               1/2 cup

Raisins                                            2 tbsp

Cashew nuts                                   2 tbsp

Green cardamom                            5-6

How to make lapsi

Firstly we will roast the dalia and cook it. When we make laapsi traditionally we use a steel container to cook, but today we will make it quickly in a pressure cooker. The laapsi will become as taste. When we make it in a steel container. Let us start making laapsi now.

The pressure cooker has heated now put ghee in it save some ghee for later. When ghee melts add dalia then roast the dalia till light brown in medium flame. The dalia has turned light brown now and is ready. Now add 3 1/2 cup of water in. Put the lid on the cooker cook it till one whistle blows.

Till then we will cut the cashew nuts and make powder of green cardamom. One whistle has blown. The dalia is ready turn off the flame. After the cooker pressure is released take off the lid. Add everything else and make laapsi. 

Open the cooker add sugar now, you can add sugar according to your taste. Turn on the flame. We will cook it low flame till the sugar is dissolved add cashew nuts and save some nuts for garnishing. Then add raisins add ghee, if you want to use less ghee you want to use less ghee you can but ghee gives the lapsi a great taste mix it.

Add green cardamom powder mix it well. The sugar has dissolved and the laapsi is ready too. Take it out in a bowl. Garnish with cashew nuts. A very tasty and nice laapsi is ready. 

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