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Gobi Pakora recipe ; How to make gobi pakora

How to make gobi pakora

Ingredients for Gobi Pakora

Garam flour                    1 cup

Cauliflower                     300 gm ( Florest washed thoroughly )

Salt                                 1/2 tbsp

Red chilly                      1/2 tbsp

Ginger                          1 tbsp ( grated )

Green chilly                2 ( finely chopped )

Green coriander         1 tbsp ( finely chopped )

( You can also use coriander powder or dry fenugeek leaves )

Oil   for frying pakora

For making gobi pakoras batter from gram flour. Add little water at a time and dissolve until all lumps get dissolved. Prefer adding little amount of water at a time as it takes less for dissolving lumps. Whisk the batter for 4-5 minutes. So that it appears to be fluffy. It should have pouring consistency.

To dissolve this much quantity of batter. We have used more then 1/2 cup of water. Place oil on flame for heating. Now add green coriander, green, chilly, ginger, red chilly and salt mix all ingredients really well.

Use can also add 1 pinch baking soda for making pakora crusty. If you have no problem with eating more oil. Gram flour batter is ready. Check the whether oil is hot or not. Place 1 drop in oil. If it floats on the surface that means oil is heated. Take one floret, coat it with batter and then place it in the oil gently.

Fry on medium flame until they turn golden brown in color. Flip the sides. Pakoras have become brown in color, now take them out in plate like wise fry rest of the pakoras. Turn off the flame. Piping hot and crusty gabi pakoras are ready. Serve with tomato sauce or green coriander chutney. 

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