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Fruit Cream Recipe ; Fruit salad whipped cream

 Ingredients for fruit cream

Heavy cream                          2 cup

Chopped mango                     1

Chopped Plum                        3-4

Chopped Apple                      1

Pomegranate                          1

(can use fruits as per your preference)

Chopped cashew nuts             6-7

Chopped Almonds                  6-7

Kismis (raisins)                      2 tbsp

Powder sugar                         1/3 cup

How to make fruit cream

To prepare fruit cream, We first need to whip the cream start with a slow speed and slowly in crease the pace cream has become much thick, But it needs to be made thicker, but it needs to be made thicker . So whip more add powder sugar to the cream and whip more to mix the sugar well. Cream has been prepared by whipping it. 

We have used electronic hand mixture. If you don't have an electronic mixture whip it manually cream is ready. Now we will cut all fruits into small pieces. Peel and cut apple into small pieces. We have cut all the fruits into small pieces and also chopped almonds and cashew nuts. Now mix all these things in the cream.

Take out in big bowl garnish with pomegranate seeds fruit cream is ready. Keep the fruit cream in fridge foe 2 hours. Serve chilled. 

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