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Fried Modak for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

 Ingredients for Fried Modak

Wheat flour                            1 cup (150 gram)

Refined Flour                         1/4 cup (25 gram)

Ghee                                       2 tbsp

Salt                                         1 pinch 

Jaggery (gurh)                        3/4 cup (150 gram)

Fresh coconut                         1 cup (grated)

Almonds                                 8-10

Cashews                                 8-10

Green Cardamon                    6-7

Ghee for frying

How to make Fried Modak   

First of all, we will make a dough to make modaks. We have wheat flour in a bowl. We will add maida to it. You can add semolina or you can prepare modak using wheat flour only we will add salt 1 pinch. Adding maida makes modak crispy. Add ghee 2 tbsp also mix them and pour water to make a dough.

We have prepared a soft dough of the flour wee have used only about 1/2 cup of water to prepare this dough leave the dough for 20 minutes covered.

It will set the dough properly. Then we will make modaks. We will prepare the stuffing item till them. Cut almonds and cashew into small pieces peal of the cardamon and powder it. Now we will heat the pan, we have cut the nuts and powdered the cardamon pour 1 small spoon of ghee on the pan. Lower the flame and put the coconut on the pan. We will keep mixing them on medium flame.

We have fried the coconut for 2 minutes add jaggery to it and turn the gas off mix it until it gets completely mix mixture is ready. Add cashew pieces, almonds and cardamon powder also mix it properly our stuffing is ready.

Put it in another bowl to cool it 20 minutes are over flour dough is ready now. Make small size pieces of the dough. We have prepared 16 pieces we will make modaks now.

Put 1 piece of small dough we will flatten it with a radius of about 2 to 3 inch. We will put pressure at the corner not at the centre. We will put it an our palm and will put 1 spoon stuffing on the pancake. Pressure the pan cake on the corner and make it narrowing on the top. We will make all modaks.

Heat some ghee in a pan. We don't need heat ghee to much. It should be medium. To check do like this put a little flour in the oil. If you see bubbles, the oil is hot. Put modaks in pan. Fry modaks by continuously turning it until golden brown color. Golden brown modaks are ready now. Take them out similarly prepare all the modaks. These modaks are golden brown take them out. It take 6 to 7 minutes to fry modaks our fried modaks are ready now.

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