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Aloo Burger Tikki ; Aloo Burger Tikki Recipe


; Aloo Burger Tikki Recipe

Ingredients for Aloo burger  Tikki

Burger Buns                      2

Onion slices                      4

Tomato Slices                   4

Tomato ketchup                1 tbsp

Black pepper powder       1/4 tbsp

Mayonnaise                     3 tbsp

Cheese slices                   3-4

Red chilly sauce              1 tbsp

Butter                              1 tbsp

Boiled potato                  3

Green chilly                    2

Coriander leaves             1 tbsp

Onion (chopped)             1

Capsicum (chopped)       1/2 tbsp

Frozen peas                     2 tbsp

Maida                              2 tbsp

Corn flour                        2 tbsp

Bread crumbs                  1 cup

Cooking oil for frying tikkis

Dry mango powder           1/3 tbsp

Chat masala powder         1/3 tbsp

Garam masala powder      1/2 tbsp

Red chilly powder             1/3 tbsp

Salt to taste

How to make Aloo tikki burger

Mash the potatoes add frozen peas and mash it. Add all the vegetables (onion, capsicum,green chilly, coriander leaves) Add pepper powder, salt , garam masala powder (add all the spices) red chilly powder, chat masala powder, dry mango powder. Add 2 tbsp of bread crumbs. Mix it well mixture is ready to make tikki.

Put maida and corn flour in a bowl.  Add little salt and mix it. Add water and make semi thick batter. Take generous amount of mixture and roll it. Flatter it and give it tikki shape. Dip the tikki into the batter. Coat it with breadcrumbs. Dip the tikki again in the batter coat it again with bread crumbs properly.

Repeat the process to make remaining tikkis. Tikki is ready to fry (you may keep it in freeze for 15 minutes). Turn on the flame, heat oil in a pan. Let it heat on medium-high flame (check the temperature) put aloo tikki in hot oil carefully. Fry it an medium- high flame. Fry it till it turns golden brown. Keep flipping in between . Take it out and keep it aside. Repeat the process to fry remaining tikkis. Aloo tikkis is ready. 

Cut the buns. Turn on the flame and heat a tawa add butter toast the burger buns a little. Turn off the flame and take it out. Apply the prepared sauce first (mayonnaise and red chilly sauce). Put lettuce on it. Place cheese slice on tikki (you may use more/less cheese) Put onion and tomato slices. Add tomato ketchup as per your taste. Place the other slice of bun on top burger tikki is ready. You may use skewer to assemble. Aloo tikki burger is ready to serve.

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