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Recipe for Paneer Paratha; Paneer paratha recipe


Paneer grated                       200 gram

wheat flour                           300 gram

Green chilli                           chopped 1

Coriander leaves                    8-10 chopped

Cumin seeds                           1/3 tbsp

Coriander powder                  1/3 tbsp

Red chilli powder                   1/4 tbsp

Salt to taste

Lemon juice                            1/2 tbsp

Cooking oil or ghee                 50 gram 

For process

Add green chilli and coriander leaves in paneer,add cumin seeds , red chilli powder coriander poweder, salt, add lemon juice mix it well. Mixture is ready keep it aside.

Add salt 1\3 tbsp in the flour  mix it well. Add water and kneed it into dough, 1tbsp oil and kneed the dough to make it smooth. Dough is ready, keep it aside for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes kneed the dough once more before making the dough ball. Keep little flour for dusting. Make equal size of dough balls. Take a dough ball and dust it with wheat flour. Flatten it a bit. Roll it into small paratha shape and apply little dry flour it needed. Put  2tbsp of paneer mixture in the centre of paratha. Seal the edges. Dust it with flour again. Roll it into paratha. Apply little dry flour, if needed keep it in a plate.

Repeat the process to make remaining paneer paratha.

Second and easy method for desinner fold all cornersgently press it and apply little dry flour roll it into square or round shape alternatively, you may follow this method. Make the dough ball into bowl shape put stuffing in the centre.  Gently press the stuffing inside and seal the edges remove the extra dough from top. Flatten it apply dry flour roll it. Paneer paratha is ready to cook.

Turn on the flame and heat a tawaon medium flame. Once the tawa is heated properly place the paratha on it. Cook it for 5-7 seconds on medium flame flep it . Apply oil or gheeflip it again and apply oil on other side. Cook it on medium flame,  keep flipping. Once it is cooked properly from both the sides, take it out from the tawa. Repeat the process to cook remaining parathas paneer paratha is ready to serve.

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