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Recipe for Basundi ; Basundi recipe

Ingredients for Basundi

 Full cream milk                        4 cup

Sugar                                         1/3 cup

Almonds                                    1 tbsp

Cashew nuts                               2 tbsp

Pistachios                                   6-7

Saffron                                       25-30 threads

Nutmeg powder-less then          1/4 tbsp

Green cardamom                        4

How to make basundi

For making basundi boil milk first turn on the gas and let the milk boil. Meanwhile cut cashew nuts, almonds and peel cardamon and make powder out of it. When milk starts boiling add the slices or chopped dry fruits in the milk.

Add cashew nuts, almonds, saffron and nutmeg powder in the milk mix it well. Cook basundi on low flame. The moment it gets layered with cream stir it gently. Cook until it gets thick on low flame. Milk has become quite thick now, we are left with only 1/3 rd quantity of milk.

Add sugar, cardamon powder to the basundi. Cook basundi for 2-3 minutes. So gets the sugar gets dissolved basundi is now ready. It has become thick. Take out the basundi in a bowl very thick basundi is now ready. 

Garnish with pistachios. We have used saffron for making basundi. It may also be called kesar basundi. Store in refrigerator for few minutes and then enjoy eating it. It can be stored in refrigerator for 3-4 days. 

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