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Panchamrit Panjiri parsad (janmashtami special)

 Panchamrit, meaning prepared from 5 holy ingredients

Ingredients for panchamrit

Curd                       1 cup

Milk                       1/3 cup

Tulsi leaves           10- 12

Sugar                     2 tbsp

Honey                   1 tbsp

Popped makhana ( lotus seeds )      1 cup

We have used 5 ingredients for panjeeri as well and all 5 are nutritious and important.

Ingredients for panjeeri

Wheat flour           1 cup

Desi ghee              1 cup

powder sugar        1/2 cup

Makhane (lotus seeds)           10-12

Elaichi ( cardamom)      2

First we will prepare panchamrit. Which requires use to just mix all of the ingredients. Beat curd with a spoon adding sugar ( which will also get dissolved ultimately). We need fresh curd to make panchamrit ( do not use sour curd). Beat curd till sugar is dissolved mix milk, honey with curd and beat till honey blends in it.

Now cut the tulsi leaves into small pieces also cut lotus seeds into 2-3 pieces each. Put these in the mixture and blend well panchamrit is ready.

So let us make panjeeri firstly let us roast flour to prepare panjeeri. Heat a pan then put ghee in it. Cut makhane into 2-3 pieces each. Now that the ghee has melted till they turn light brown then take them out. Now put the flour in the pan and stir it fry on medium flame untill it turns light brown flour has attoined the required color.

So turn off the gas. We need to fry flour on a medium flame to prevent it flour burning. As the pan still hot so stir the fried flour for same time. Allow fried flour to cool down. We have added lotus seeds  to it 

So let us add powder sugar and elaichi powder as well. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly delicious panchamrit , panjeeri. Prasad is ready. 

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