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Motichoor ladoo Recipe ;Motichoor ke ladoo

 Ingredients for Motichoor ladoo

Gram flour (besan)                  1/2 cup

Sugar                                       1/2 cup

Ghee                                        250 gram

Food color orange                   1/3 tbsp

Melon seeds                            1 tbsp

Baking soda                             1/4 tbsp(optional)

Milk                                         1/4 cup

Water                                       1/4 cup

How to make motichoor ke ladoo

Take a mixing bowl, add gram flour and baking soda mix it well. Add water and make semi-thick batter add water again if needed ( do not make the batter too thin ). Add food color mix it. ( You may use hand blender to make the batter smooth). Add ghee in the kadhai let the ghee heat on high flame.

Reduce the flame to medium high add few drops of batter in ghee to check the temperature. Take it out from the pan. Take a frying boondi jara 1 frying spoon in 1 hand and pour the batter by other hand spread the batter evenly. Fry it for few seconds, keep flipping. 

Once it is fried properly take it out from the ghee. Repeat the process to make remaining boondies keep flipping. You may crush the uneven boondies keep it aside. Turn on the flame and heat a pan on low- medium flame. Add sugar and 1/4 cup of water. Let the sugar dissolve keep stirring. Cook the syrup for 2-3 minutes on low medium flame.

Add little food color mix it add the fried boondi  into the syrup mix it well boondi into the syrup mix it add melon seeds and mix it. Cook the boondi for 8-10 minutes in sugar syrup (low-flame). Keep stirring in between stir it add milk 1/4 cup stir it for a minute.

Cook it for another 2-3 minutes on low flame. After 2-3 minutes stir it once turn off the flame let is cool down, start making ladoo. You may use ghee for greasing the palm and pista for garnishing. Take small portion mixture and roll it into ladoo.

Keep it in a plate. Repeat the process to make remaining ladoo. You may use pista or chopped almonds for decoration. Ready to serve. 

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