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How to make Mysore pak ' Mysore Pak recipe

 Ingredients for Mysore Pak

Gram Flour                            1.5 cup(150gram)

Sugar                                      1.5 cup(300 gram)

Ghee                                        1 cup(200 gram)

Oil                                           1 cup(200 grams)

Cardamon powder                   1 tbsp

How to make Mysore pak

For making mysore pak prepare sugar syrup first. Place sugar  in pan add 1/2 cup water. Turn on the gas. Cook until sugar get dissolved completely and then check   it. Take ghee in a separate pan and then melt it. Use oil for dissolving gram flour add half the amount of oil first and stir until all lumps get dissolve completely.

Now add rest of the oil in melted sugar is melted as well and cooked  for 2-3 minutes more. For checking sugar syrup  take 1 drop in a bowl and try  sticking it with your thumb and forefinger. It should have wires. Now add gram flour batter in sugar syrup keep the flame medium keep stirring constantly. 

Now add 1 tbsp ghee at regular intervals the laddle should reach the bottom of pan else it will get burned. The color of gram flour batter has changed. Keep adding piping hot ghee and stirring the gram flour. Now add cardamon powder into it. Grease a plat with some ghee as well, 

Mysore pak is ready, turn off the gas. Now take it out in a plate. After it gets little frigid cut into pieces. It gets crunchy after getting frigid making it difficult to cut into pieces. cut as per your preference now take it out. Deliciuos and crispy mysore pak is ready.

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