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Recipe for Gulab Jamun ; How to make gulab jamun

 Ingredients for gulab jamun

Mawa                          300 gram

Paneer                         1/2 cup

Refined flour               1/2 cup (70 gram)

Sugar                           3.5 cup (800 gram)

Green cardamon          1/2 tbsp

Cashew nuts                7-8

Almond                        7-8 

Ghee for frying Gulab Jamun 

How to make gulab jamun

Let us start with preparing the syrup for making the gulab jamuns. For this take vessels and add sugar to it. We have 800 grams (3.5 cup) sugar and add 2 cups of water into it . Now let the sugar dissolve in water completely . Meanwhile let us mash the mawa until smooth  we have taken 300 gram of soft mawa. The mawa is really soft and transfer it to a plate, followed by 100 grams of paneer.

Crumble the paneer and knead it really well to make it smooth. We are done with kneading the paneer until smooth an soft the paneer was for little stiff. So we mashed it separately. Now mix this soft mawa with paneer . Also add 1/2 cup refined flour to it. Mix everything really well with mashing with hands and prepare soft dough. 

As sugar has dissolved completely and cooked it for 2 to 3 minutes. To check you can take 1 to 2 drops in  a bowl and let it cool down. Reduce the flame to prevent it from overcooking. Take syrup between your finger and thumb and stretch apart. There is no formation of thread in it or the thread is really small. But the syrup has turned sticky like honey. So this is the right consistency require sugar syrup is ready , take it off the flame.

The sugar syrup is really clear as we used clean sugar. Sugar syrup is ready. and also we have taken ghee in a wok to melt it. We have used ghee for making these gulab jamuns but refined oil can also be used . Let us also check the dough as well.

To check the dough, prepared a dough ball. There should not be any cracks in the dough and it should be smooth. If you see any cracks the dough ball. Then  knead the dough more until smooth. 

We have made really smooth dough ball without and cracks. So the dough is perfect. Let us prepare stuffing for the gulab jamuns. For this we have finally chopped 6,7 almonds, transfer it to a bowl and also mix finally chopped cashew to it as well. Also mix 1/2 tbsp cardamon powder. Mix  little mawa to these dry fruits as well.

Mix everything really well. Stuffing is ready and the ghee is heated as well. To check, drop a dough chunk to the ghee. The dough chunk is heating well, now reduce the flame. Now let us try checking the gulab jamun prepared without stuffing. Drop the gulab jamun to it.The gulab jamuns has not splattered but you can see few bubbles over it. 

This means the dough is little soft . We fry a gulab jamun without stuffing to check if the dough is prepared well. If the gulab jamun splatters or the is formation of bubble over it. Then  we will have to mix same more sefined flour to it. Drain out this gulab jamun. We have take 2 tbsp ( 10 to 12 grams)  refined flour  and mix it really well. We are done with preparing the dough again. 

Let us fry the gulab jamun again to check make a round ball and drop it to the ghee. The ghee is medium hot and the flame is kept slow. Once the ghee is heated rightly , reduce the flame and let it cool down a little until medium hot the jamun is fried well. Drain it out and drop into the sugar syrup. Keep the sugar or syrup covered to prevent it fromcooling down. For making the gulab jamuns, divided the dough into small lumps. 

You can keep the size of gulab jamuns small or big as desired. Flatten the dough ball with your fingers and top it up with some stuffing and close really well. You can also prepare gulab jamuns without stuffing . But making gulab jamuns with stuffing gives them a nice taste. Roll it out smoothly. Prepared the dough ball and then drop them to ghee for frying similarly, prepare rest of the gulab jamuns as well.

While frying the gulab jamuns make sure you don't directly touch them with the ladle. Move the ladle like this in the ghee to fry the gulab jamuns . Also keep the quantity of ghee more. So that the gulab jamuns as drenched well.

 If takes less ghee to fry the gulab jamuns. but we keep the quantity more gulab jamuns have turned brown, now you can flip them directly with the ladle as these as roasted from this side very gently toss the gulab jamuns and fry until they turn golden brown in color from all sides. Take them out for this, hold the ladle over the wok to remove the extra ghee.

Drop these fried gulab jamuns directly to the sugar syrup the syrup should be little warm similarly, prepare rest of the gulab jamuns as well. We are done with frying all the gulab jamuns drop them the syrup as well. If takes 10 minutes so fry gulab jamuns at once. Press  them down using a spoon so soak nicely with in 3 to 4 hours , gulab jamuns absorb the syrup well and turn sweet which then can be served later consume these gulab jamuns on second day for batter taste.

Scrumptions  gulab jamuns are ready and can be prepares very easily, making this gulab jamuns is really easy. Just take note of little things while making the dough make sure it is really smooth. Prepare a dough ball from it. If you see any cracks on the surface then knead dough a little more until smooth keep the quantity of ghee more to keep the gulab jamuns. Drenched well while frying. So gulab jamuns is ready to served. 

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