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Dhaniya Panjiri Recipe (janamashtami special)

 Ingredients for Dhaniya Panjiri

Coriander powder                           1 cup

Powdered Sugar                              1 cup

Popped makhana (lotus seeds)        1 cup

Cooked nariyal                                1/2 cup

Desi Ghee                                       1/4 cup

Kaju (cashew)                                15-19

Badam(Almonds)                           8-10

Green cardamon                             4

How to make Dhaniya Panjiri

To make dhaniya panjiri we will cuts all dry fruits into small pieces. Cut 1 makhana into 3 to 4 parts. We have cuts all dry fruits as well as the makhana. We have also made cardamon powder  to make panjiri, We will firstly roast all the makhana. Heat a pan. We will put half of the ghee in the pan add the slices makhana to the pan and cook till it gets crisp.

Keep stirring continuosly. The gas should be on medium flame. Makhanas are now roasted as it has become little brown in color are as crispy. Take the makhana out in a bowl. Now roast the coconut on medium flame for about 1 or 1.5 minutes. Once the coconut is roasted take it out in  a bowl. We will see the color has changed.

Now put the almonds and cashew nut in the pan. And cook it on medium flame for about 1 minute. Take it out in a bowl now roast. Dhaniya powder , now put the remaining ghee in the pan. You can use more ghee also as per your choice but this is sufficient. Add more ghee will give a better taste. 

Add coriander powder in a pan keep stirring till you get a fragrance and also till the color does not change. While roasting , keep it on medium flame. Instead of coriander seeds. Put coriander seeds in the ghee.And let it roast  till the gets little brown in color . After this let it cool and then grind. 

It takes around 3 minutes for the coriander powder to get roasted. Now put the coriander powder in a big bowl. So that all the things are easily mixed. Add sugar powder , add coconut, almonds, cashew nuts , chironji and cardamon powder. If we press the roasted makhanas. Then we will see it gets squeezed easily and can changed into powder form.

You can also add the powdered makhana in panjiri. You can make a powder by grinding the lotus seeds on a rolling board or if you want you can also put then in whole. They will be cruchy in the mouth and will taste great.

You can add other dry fruits instead of the ones we have added. According to availability  and taste. If you don't have chironji you can replace it with melon seeds. Roast the melon seeds in a pan for sometime, till it gets a little brown in color . Mix it the same way.  Our panjiri is ready . Take out the coriander  panjiri in a plate. Dhaniya panjiri is ready. We have made a very nice coriander panjeeri for prashad. It is so delicious that you can make it on any occasions & store it. Keep eating for 2-3 months. 

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