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Spring Roll Recipe ; Recipe for spring roll

Ingredients for spring roll

For Dough

Maida ( Refined flour)               1 cup

Salt                                             1/4 tbsp

Oil                                              1 tbsp

For stuffing

Oil                                               2 tbsp

Ginger                                        1 tbsp grated

Green chilly                               2 finely chopped

Beans                                         1/2 cup chopped

Carrot                                        1/2 cup chopped

Green capsicum                         1/2 cup

Red capsicum                            1/2 cup

Salt                                            1/2 tbsp

Black pepper                             1/2 tbsp crushed

Cabbage                                   1 cup

Soya sauce                                 1/2 tbsp

Vinegar                                       1 tbsp

Tomato sauce                              1 tbsp

Oil for frying

For Dough

First we will prepare the dough take 1 cup maida ( Refined flour) add 1/4 tbsp of salt or as per taste, 1 tbsp oil mix everything together. Add water gradually and bind the flour together. Knead the soft dough same as. Required for making chapati .

 Apply a little on your hand and knead the dough a bit more to make it soft because maida will cling to your hand. Apply oil in your hand and prevent the sticking of oil the dough. Here, our soft and smooth dough is ready. ( We have used less than 1/2 cup of water). Cover and keep aside for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes the dough is all set now. Knead the dough a bit, See the dough is quite soft. Make small lumps of the dough. Divide the dough into 2 portions roll the dough by its length. Now, divide the dough into small lumps cover the dough balls. Pick 1 ball of the dough make its round dust it in dry flour. Roll the sheet into 3-4 inches in diameter. If it starts sticking to the rolling board. Dust it with dry maida soft dough sticks quickly.

So with the help of dry flour, roll a dough sheet roll it from the ends and roll it evenly. Here the sheet is ready. We have kept it small. Place it in a thali. Similarly take out another ball and make it round like peda. Dust it with dry maida like peda. Dust it with dry maida and roll a sheet exactly to the previous 1.

 Put the prepared sheet on the thali we will roll it in the some way. In the exact same size. Here we are done we have prepared 3 puris like a little oil on the sheet and spread it evenly. Sprinkle dry maida above it. Spread the dry maida similarly. Place another puri above the prepare puri. Similarly apply same oil.

Over the placed puri spread the oil evenly over the sheet sprinkle dry maida spread it evenly. How place the 3 puri over the greased 1 press it with ligth hards dust it with dry maida as we have to roll the sheet. It might stick to the rolling board. So dust it with dry maida roll a thin sheet of the clustered puris cover the ends of the puri. 

We have roll the sheet into 7-8 inches in diameter see we have rolled a thin sheet. Placed the sheet in a light  hot tawa and roast the puri slightly on the tawa. We don't need any spot in it just a little change in the color.

The sheet color has change slightly flip it to the other side. See it is slightly roasted similarly roast the other side of the sheet is also ready. Now that it is ready take it out from the tawa. Now peel the pasted sheets. We have pasted 3 sheets together. So we will get 3 wraps it is easly to peel them. See how thin the wrapper is, from wherever the sheet is opening.You will separate them from there similarly, prepare all the wrappers all the wrappers are ready.

For Stuffing

Take a pan to prepare the stuffing add 2 tbsp of oil in the pan 1 tbsp of grated ginger or as ginger paste instead 2 finely chopped green chilly roast them briefly add veggies 1/2 cup of beans, 1/2 cup carrots cut all the vegetables long and thin roast the veggies for 1 minute ( Do not over cook the veggies) Just roasted them slightly 1/2 cup of capsicum, 1/2 cup of red capsicum. 

Take any vegetable you want add spices 1/2 tbsp of salt 1/2 tbsp of crushed black pepper 1/2 tbsp of red chilly powder or as per you taste. This was pure indian flavor , Now add 1 cup chopped cabbage, and adding soya sauce to add flavor  1/2 tbsp of vinegar.

Vinegar is optional 1 tbsp of tomato sauce. These things will add flavor to the stuffing mix well and turn off the flame. Over stuffing is ready both wrappers and stuffing are ready. Now.we will prepare spring roll for that we will need slurry . Take 1-2 tbsp of maida in a bowl add water and prepare a paste. 

Add 1 little water at first and mix well. Make a thick slurry. Do not make it thin. Here our slurry is ready. Take a wrapper sheet add some stuffing to it put the stuffing at the upper end do not fill too much stuffing. Do not make the roll over stuffed else it will because hard to wrap. We  have stuffing with 1 fold it from sides to wrap the ends from the top of the wrapper paste the 2 sides well with slurry.

Now, roll it to wards the top and seal it well at the end. See, our spring roll is ready like wise, prapare  all the spring rolls. Here we have assembled all the spring rolls.

Heat the oil for frying check the oil. Drop a piece of dough to check the oil bubbles are forming the oil is just above prefect keep the flame low-medium at the beginning start frying the rolls for 1-2 minutes.

 Fry them as it is do  not use the spatula  immediately as the rolls might spoil. The flame is medium in the beginning keep the flame low-medium. We have fried them for 2 minutes, The rolls crust are slightly fried turn the flame to medium. If you will keep the flame medium or medium high bubbles will come over the rolls quickly.

If you don't want bubbles then fry the rolls over medium flame. Now turn flame to medium or medium high turn and fry them until golden brown. The rolls have turned brown. Take them out on a tray, see how tempting and tasty they are looking fry up all the rolls similarly. The oil is quite hot righ now. 

Because we fry the rolls over a high flame. So, turn off the rolls. When frying the rolls make sure the oil temperature is low and flame is medium too we have fried all the spring rolls  batch taken 6-7 minutes. We have prepared 12 spring rolls. It is know by cutting how crispy they are made veg spring rolls are ready to be served. They turned out very crispy and tasty serve them with any of you fanourite chutney.   

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