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Samosa Recipe; How to make samosa ; krishnas kitchen

Ingredients for samosa

Maida                      2 cup (250 grams)

Ghee                        1/4 cup (60 grams)

Salt                           1/2 tbsp

Potatoes                   400 grams 

Green peas               1/2 cup (optional

Cashews                   10 to 12 (optional)

Raisins                      25-30 (optional)

Green chilly              20-30 finally chopped

Ginger                       1 inch long piece 

Coriander powder       1 tbsp

Garam masala              1/4 tbsp

Mango powder           1/2 tbsp

Salt                              3/4 tbsp

oil for frying

Process for dough  

Firstly, knead dough for making samosas. Take flour in a big bowl and now add salt and oil into it mix all ingredients nicely ( People often complain that there is formation of bubbles on the samosas. In this casa add ghee with witch there be no bubbles forming on the samosas and will taste delicious) .

Now add little water at a time and knead stiff and tight dough for making samosas. We have kneaded the dough and for kneading this much quantity of flour. We have used more than 1/4 cup water. Cover and keep aside the dough for 20 minutes to set and then make samosas. Meanwhile prepare stuffing for the samosas. 

For stuffing

For stuffing chop cashews making 4-5 small pieces of each . You can even skip the use of cashews but these enhance the flavor. Even raisins can be added now peel the boiled potatoes preheat a pan and add 1 tbsp oil into it and heat sufficiently. Oil is sufficiently hot now saute the spices for making stuffing. Keep the flame low, add ginger and green chilly. We have taken 2 green chilly. I prefer eating less spicy. You can increase or decrease the quantity of green chilly and red chilly as per your preference.

Now add peas and cook for few minutes. We are using fresh peas and these require to be soft. Cover and cook the peas for 2 minutes in low flame. Peas have turned soft, now crumble potatoes and add in pan. Don't crumble the potatoes too finely, there should be small pieces. Now add salt red chilly powder, garam masala, coriander powder, mango powder and cashews mix all ingredients.

Really well keep the flame medium. Crumble the potato  pieces which are too big in size. We  have sauteed peas potatoes for 4-5 minutes and spices are mixed evenly. You can get good aroma and stuffing is now ready. Turn off the flame and take out stuffing in a separate bowl so that it cools quickly.  

After 20 minutes, kneed the dough again. Now make small dough balls equal to the size of lemon. We have made dough balls from this much dough roll the dough parts . Make smooth and round dough balls. Now we will roll the dough . Cover the dough balls and keep aside. Take 1 dough boll at a time for making samosas. 

Take/ dough part and roll into smooth dough boll. Now roll into a circle with 7-8 inch diameter. ( It should not be thin at center and thick at corner) Roll by pressing the corner . Roll it length wise you can even turn the rolling pin. We have rolled the poori giving it into 2 equal parts from center. Take little amount of water in a bowl for sticking the corners of samosas. Take 1 half of the poori and spread some water over this side with help of you finger. Lift the often corner and paste it like this finger it a shape of cone.

Now fill this cone with 2-2.5 tbsp stuffing, Now seal the samosas from top as well. Spread same water all around the edges with help of your finger. Give  a fold or plate like this on the front side and now stick both the corner. Samosas is now ready. Plate and  joint on samosas are visible. Place the samosas in erect position so that its shape remains intact likewise prepare rest of the samosas with little practice, prefect samosas can be prepared. We have prepared all the samosas. Now keep then aside  for 1/2 hour and fry later.

(If you keep the samosas it is hen there will be no formation of bubbles) Cover and keep then aside for 1/2 hours so that they don;t dry. After 1/2 hour fry the samosas. Preheat oil in work when oil is sufficiently hot, place the samosas in oil for frying. Flip the sides and fry until samosas turn golden brown in color from both sides. Samosas have turned golden brown in color take then out.

Likewise fry rest of the samosas oil frying samosas should be medium hot and flame. Should also be low medium. It take 7-8 minutes for frying samosas at 1 time. Mouth drooling, delectable and crispy samosas are ready. Making samosas is very easy just keep not of few things. 

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