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Rava uttapam Recipe; Healthy breakfast in India


Suji ( Rava)                          1 cup

Curd                                     3/4 cup

Oil                                       2 to 3 tbsp

Green coriander ( chopped)   2 tbsp

Tomato ( Chopped)               1

Cabbage                                 1/2 cup

Capsicum                               1/2 cup

Green chilly                          1

 Ginger                                1 piece

Salt                                      1/3 tbsp

Rai/ Mustard seeds             1/4 tbsp


Put suji in a big bowl, add curd (Which has bees beaten) and mix the two throughly till all lumps disappear. The batter must be similar to the mix used for making pakoras. The batter must be similar to the mix used for making  pakoras. 

Now than the batter is ready add salt, ginger, green chilli and mix properly. Leave the batter aside for 10 minutes allowing suji to ferment. After 10 minutes the batter has fermented so let us start making uttapam. Heat a flat pan. Mix capsicum, cabbage and tomato. You can add vegetables according to your preference.

We use 3/4 cup curd and another 1/3 cup water to make this batter, The pan is heated, pour 1 tbsp oil in it and spread it evenly. Put little bit of rie followed by 2 spoon of batter. Spread the batter thickly. Keep a medium flame and vegetables, some coriender leaves and press gently with a spoon so that the vegetables stuck. Pour little oil all around the uttapam and some on top. Allow it to cook on a medium flame.

Cover the pan with a lid and the uttapam will cook properly with all the steam. Open to check we can see that there is a change. In colour on top uttapam is cooked on the cover side.

Now turn it over and cook uttapam till it turns light brown on the side too. Uttapam is cook on the other side as well, take it out on a plate. Uttapam is prepared , garnish with same green coriander suji uttapam is ready. It is very easy and quick to make.

(We have used ingredients like suji, curd and vegetables to prepare this uttapam. Which are all nutritiouns suji uttapam is a nutritious) . Suji uttapam is a nutritious dish in itself. Serve uttapam with coconut chutney, penut chutney, green coriander chutney


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