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Instant Bread Mango Barfi ; Mango barfi recipe


Ripe mango            1

Bread slices             2

Milk (Boiled)           1/2 cup

Sugar                        1/3 cup

Milk powder            1/4 cup

Desciccated coconut   1/3 cup

Cardamon powder (Elaichi)    1/2 tbsp

Ghee                                        3 tbsp


I am using 2 white bread slices to make bread mango barfi. You may use brown bread instead. Break the bread in pieces and put it a grinder jar. Grind it you may use homemade bread crumbs if available. I have grounded the breads slices. Take it out and grind mango in the same jar. I am using 1 ripped alphanso mango, you may use any mango of your choice. We add 1/3 cup of sugar. We will blend these together this will reduce the cooking time. Don't add water blend it.

This only we first grounded the bread and then prepared mango pulp. Lets move to next step. Process of cooking the sweet. Let us add prepared bread powder and 1/3 cups dedicated coconut in a pan mix it well and cook it for 2 minutes on low flame. If you dont wish to use coconut then use 3 bread slices. I recommened to use coconut if available. I have roasted coconut and bread crumbs. Take it out form pan once its colour starts changing.

Add 1 tbsp ghee (clarified butter) in the some pan and1/2 cup of milk. I am using boiled milk but cold  milk add 1/4 cup milk powder. Milk powder enhances its taste brings taste of mawa / khoya. Milk it and ens that milk powder its completely mixed (dissolved) with the milk once it had mixed properly add mango pulp. Keep the flame on low and keep stirring it well adding mango pulp. Keep stirring and cook it for 2 minutes on low flame. Once it has mixed properly add green cardamon powder (elichi powder) 1/2 tbsp ,  1 tbsp ghee will cooking it.

It help mango fold quickly, meaning it will start separating from the edges. We have to cook it for another 4 minutes. Lets grease a plate. Where we will set this mixture you may use butter paper as an alternate to greasing. As you can see mango has started separating from pan so it is cooked. Let us add bread crumb and coconut mixture that we prepared earlier mix it properly. Ensure that flame is low and cook it for 2-3 minutes. Its texture will start becoming like halwa add a little ghee, it enhances the taste and helps it fold easily cook it a little more ensure that mixture is not too sticky or dry.

 It should be slightly harder than halwa same as show. Ensure it has similar consistency to is shown here. Switch off the flame and pour it on the greased plate mixture with be very hot be careful while handing it apply a little ghee on palms and level it use a spatula to give it proper shape you may optional add finely chopped cashew pista and almonds. 

If you want to make it even more which, add silver leaf (Chandi vark) I am adding finely chopped cashew, pista and almonds, press it gently lets keep it aside 1 hour this will help it set. You may put it in refrigerator to set it quickly (Approximately 30 minutes after 1 hour it is set properly let us cut it into pieces as show)

(You may store it in refrigerator and consume it for upto 1 week) Keeping it longer in fridge will allow it to set even better. Our bread mango barfi is ready. 

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