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Vegetable Poha Recipe; Easy Recipe for Breakfast

Ingredients for vegetable poha

Poha             -            1 Bowl
Oil                -            2 tbsp
Peanuts         -           1 Small bawl
Mustard Seeds   -      1 tbsp
Curry Leaves     -      6-8 
Onion                 -     2 tbsp (Chopped)
Salt to taste
Potato                  -   1 Small bawl( Chopped) 
Peeled Peas          -  1 Small bawl
Carrot            -         1 Small bawl

Beans                -     1 Small bawl
Turmeric pawdwe  -  1 tbsp
Green Chilli           -  1tbsp
Curd                       -  1 tbsp
Tomato                 -    1 Chopped
 Lemon  juice        -   1 tbsp
 Coriander  Leaves   - 2 tbsp

for garnishing

Onion & Tomato (chopped)
Namkeen (Optional)

Firt we will make Poha, for this Wash Poha 1-2 times for water. After Washingkeep it side this Step is necessary, Because this will make our poha fluffy after this add oil in a pan and roast. Some nuts into it when peanuts are ready keep the side and heat some more oil in a pan. 

After this we will add a rai, curry leaves and finaly chopped onion. After we will roast onion till they turn pink in colour, and then add salt to it according to the taste. After this we will add vegetables like potato, carrot, beans, and peas by adding vegetables it become as a healthy breakfast.

After the vegetables are fried we will add turmeric powder and green chillies to give it tangy flavor. We will add curd and lemon juice to it. You can skip curd, its all upto you and when the vegetables are fully baked.

Then we will add poha in it after this mix it properly and then you can see how good our poha is. After this add peanuts and coriander leaves to it and while serving. You can add anything of your choice to it. and our poha is ready with this.
Vegetable Poha Recipe

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