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Sabudana Kheer Recipe (step by step)

Sabudana Kheer Recipe - a sweet pudding recipe made from tapioca pearls, milk and sugar. It is flavored with saffron and cardamom powder.

As you know that sabudana is commonly used in vrat recipes and I have already shared many savories with this ingredients. Now this time I am sharing sweet recipe using sabudana.

 It is very easy to make. It is quick kheer recipe if you preplanned and have soaked the sabudana ahead of time. I usually make this kheer during the fasting or navratri vrat.

Ingredients for sabudana kheer

 Sabudana        100g
 Sugar              100g
 Milk                1 litre
 Almonds         12-15
 Cashew           12-15
 Raisins             20-25
 Dried coconut   2 tbsp grated
 Elichi(cardamon)  6
 Saffron                1 pinch

How to make sabudana kheer

First heat a pan on low flame & allow it to boil on mideum flame. Now wash the sabudana with drinking water & keep it a side firstly allow the first boil on medium flame. 

After first boil turn it to low flame. Generally it takes 10 minutes for milk to boil competly. Keep it on the low flame & reduce the thickness of milk to 1/4 after reducing the milk add 1 pinch saffron. 

Saffron adds color & flavour. Now add washed sabudana in it. We are taking small sabudana you can use big as well. Stir it well so that lump of sabudana are not formed. 

Tip (for avoid over heating if the base of your pan is thin or the kheer is over heating from below. Then firstly heat the tawa & keep the pan on it now put the pan on in. The flame will not reach directly it will not over heating)

After cooking for 10 minutes turn off the gas. Allow it to mideum cool cut the almonds & cashew in pieces. Now kheer is warm add 100 gram sugar mix it well. You can use brown sugar or jaggery instead of white sugar.

Always add sugar in a warm kheer to avoid curdling of milk. Now add almonds, cashew raisins also add dry grated coconut, powder cardamon seeds in it & mix it gently. The sabudana kheer is ready to eat.

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