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Mohanthal Recipe; How to make mohanthal

Ingredients for mohanthal

For Bainding

Gram flour               -2 tbsp (250)gm
Hot Milk                  - 3 tbsp
Ghee                         - 3 tbsp

For Preparing Mixture

Ghee                        - 180 gm
Milk                         - 1/2 cup (6 tbsp)

For Sugar Syrup

Sugar                         1 cup
Water                         1 cup
Saffron strands          2 pinch
Cardamon powder    1/2 tbsp

For garnishing

Chopped almonds,chopped cashew nuts, chopped pista.

Gram flour 2cup(250gram) hot milk 3 tbsp, ghee 3tbsp mix well. Take a large bowl add gram flour(besan), milk and ghee. Mix well and crumble. Cover & let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes take a sieve. 
Sieve the crumbles the besan.

Break big pieces with hands. Take a heavy base kadhai. Keep the flame low ghee 180 gram. Let it melt on low flame. Add prepared crumbled mixture. Stir it contibously cook on low to medium flame.

Stir continuosly cook tell it turns golden cook till it turns aromatic. Milk 1/2 cup (6 tbsp) add milk little by little turns fluffy keep the flame low. Mix well turn off the flame. Continue to stir for 5 minutes or till the mixture cools(you can add 100-150 gram mawa at this stage) . Keep aside & let it cool.


Take a pan to prepared sugar syrup. Sugar 1cup(180gram) water 1cup Let it melt on mideum flame. Let it come to boil. Prepare half string consistency syrup. Saffron strands 2 pinch, cardamon powder 1/2 tbsp(Rose essence/ kewda essence can be used)


Check the consistency turn off the flame. Add sugar syrup into prepared mixture. Add sugar syrup little by little (stir continuosly tell the sugar syrup combines well with besan mixture.Stir continuosly take plate)

Thali and grease it Transfer mixture. Spread garnished with chopped dry fruits. Garnished with chopped almonds, cashew nuts, pista. Mohanthal is ready to serve to enjoy.
How to make mohanthal

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