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Lauki Barfi Recipe; How to make lauki barfi without Mawa



Lauki (bottle gourd)          800 gram
Condensed milk                400 gram
Almonds Flakes                1/4 cup
Full Cream Milk               1/2 cup
Green cardamon powder   1 tbsp
Pistachios                          5 to 6 

How to make Lauki Barfi

1.) Peal 800 gram of lauki (bottle gourd) and cut is ends.

2.) Divide the lauki into 2 to 2.5 inches of pieces.

3.) Divided the pieces into equal halve.

4.) Remove its soft part using a knife.

5.) Wash the pieces of lauki and grate them.

6.) Strain juice by pressing the grated lauki.

7.) Cook the grated lauki along with milk in the pan on the medium flame.

8.) Cover and cook on the medium flame for 5 minutes.

9.) Stir it after 5 minutes and again cook it for 3-4 minutes.

10.) Prepare the coarsely graunded powder of green cardamons.

11.) After cooking the lauki for 8 minutes add 2 tbsp of ghee in it and roast while stirring on the high flame.

12.) After cooking it for 6-7 minutes add 400 gram condensed milk in it.

13.) cook on the high flame until it reaches the thick consistency.

14.) Add the cardamon powder and almonds flakes after 15 minutes.

15.) Stir and cook to make it thicker on the medium flame.

16.) Switch off the flame when ghee starts seperating from the mixture.

17.) Grease the plate by applying ghee and pour the mixture on it.

18.) Press and spread it thickly on the plate.

19.) Garnish it with almonds flakes chopped pistachios and press them to insert in the mixture.

20.) Keep it in a cool place to set and them cup the set barfi in deserd shapes.

21.) Heat the plate from bottom to remove the pieces easily.

22.) Remove the pieces and place them on the plate.

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