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Dhokla Recipe, How to make Dhokla in Cooker

Ingredients for Dhokla

Besan               -   250grm (2cup)
Suji                  -   2tbsp
Hari Mirch       -   3
Rai k Dane       -   1tbsp
Curry Leaves    -  10 to 12
lemon juice       -  1tbsp
Eno                  -   1pouch
salt                   -   1tbsp as per taste
Sugar               -   1tbsp
Adrak ka Paste -  1tbsp
Oil                    -  3tbsp

How to Make Dhokla

Sieve the gram flour to a fine powder, Now paur the mixture in the bowl add 2tbsp suji mix it.Now add salt(as per taste).1tbsp ginger paste then add water to make a fine paste. Remember always stie it in one Direction.

The consistency should be niether thick nor thin. Now Add 1 tbsp Lemon juice & 1tbsp oil & mix it well. Keep aside for 15-20 minute mix. Heat cooker & Pour 2 cup of water & Place stand in it.

The level of water should be below the stand. Grease the pan so that mixture does not stick to the pan. After 15minute mixture is fermented & now add Eno gently mix it. To 10 times. 

Pour the batter into the greased pan. water is Peready Boiling & Now Place the Pan on the stand Now Remove the Whistle from the Lid & cover it .Allowed it to Steam for 15-20 Min on medium Flame.

After 20 Min turn Off the flame & open the Lid . Insert the knife & if it comes out clean Dhokla is ready take it out Carefully from the Cooker & Allow it to cool For tempering . Heat 2 tbsp Oil in pan. 

Now add 1 tbsp Rai ke dane & Allow it to crackle. Add 3 green chilli, 1 tbsp salt, 1tbsp sugar. Fry it on low flame fot 1 minute & then add 10 curry leaves in it. Add 1 glass of water in stir well & Allow then Tempering to come to a boil  After first turn off the gas & Tempering in Ready now.

As it cools down it well leave the Edges after that turn on.  With the help of Knife cut it into Pieces of your desired shape. Now pare the tempering on the Dhokla 7 Allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. So that it settles dowm.
Dhokla Recipe,

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