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Chines Bhel ; Recipe for chinese Bhel


Boiled noodles               100gram 
Chopped onion               1
Chopped cabbage           50 gram
Chopped capsicum         1/2
Chopped carrot               1
Chopped green chilli      1
Choppede garlic cloves   2
Chopped spring onion     1/4 cup
Corn flour (optional)       1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Schezwan souce               1 tbsp
Tomato catchup                1 tbsp
Green chilli souce             1/2 tbsp
Say souce                          1 tbsp
Vinegar(or lemon juice)    1 tbsp

How to make chinese bhel

Add corn flour and salt into the boiled noodles mix it well. Heat oil in a pan to deep fry the noodles put the boiles noodles in hot oil. Fry on high flame keep flipping fry it tell it turns golden brown. Once the noodles are fried properly take it out on kitchen towel repeat the process to fry remaining noodles fries noodles is ready.

Put another pan on gas stove. Once the pan is heated properly add little oil spread it add green chillies and gralic fry it. For few seconds on high flame add carrot and onion fry it for a minute on high flame.

In the mean well break the fried noodles. Add cabbage add capsicum mix it fry it another minute on high flame. Add spring onions and turn off the flame stir it let it cool down. 

Transfer the vegetables in a mixing bowl once the vegetables are cooled down. Add all the souce schezwan souce 1 tbsp, tamota catchup 1 tbsp, green chilli souce 1/2 tbsp, say souce 1tsp, vinegar 1 tbsp mix it well. Add little salt.(remember we have added salt in noodles and soy souce also contains salt) add fried noodles mix it well.You may add coriander leaves if you like. Take it out in a serving bowl ready to serve.

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